How to Change the Rubber From Your Squeegee for Window Cleaning

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Home improvement stores will always be more than willing to sell you window cleaning squeegees that are used by the professionals but more often than not they will never explain how to change out the old rubber from your used squeegees. It is important for anyone who is going to buy a squeegee to know how to change the rubbers otherwise you will waste a lot of money on buying new squeegees every time your old one wears out.

First off why should you change the rubbers? Well as you continue to clean windows the rubber will slowly wear down and get chips in it. These chips in the rubber will transfer onto the window you are cleaning as a streak. Obviously this is what you are trying to avoid when you clean windows so hence old rubbers are a very bad thing when it comes to cleaning windows either professionally or at home.

So step one on changing the rubbers in your squeegee is to get a pair of good pliers and grasp one of the ends of the rubbers on the end of the squeegee. You will want to only grasp the rubber not the metal or any other part of the actual squeegee.

Next you will want to pull on the rubber which will stretch and pull out of the squeegee channel. You will also notice there is a small metal clip on the rubber end that comes out with the rubber when you pull. That is supposed to happen so don’t freak out and think that you messed up your squeegee.

Third you will want to remove the metal clip that is attached to the rubber end and store it somewhere where you won’t lose it. It is important because you will need to use it again later.

Fourth you will want to repeat step three with the other side of the squeegee by grasping the other end of the rubber and pulling it out just like the previous side. There will be a metal clip on this side as well which will pop out when you pull on the other side. No problem again just make sure you store this piece of metal as well.

You will now be able to pull the rubber completely out of the channel and throw it away. Now you should just have the metal squeegee with no rubber in it and two metal clips. To replace the rubber you will first want to put the rubber in the channel without putting clips on either side.

Then you will want to pull out the rubber on one side just far enough to put the metal clip back on the rubber. You will need to pinch the rubber in-between the clip and then force it back into the channel. Now one side will have a clip and the other side will not. Last of all you will want to stretch the rubber out by pulling it out the other side while putting the clip back on the other side. Finally you will push the clip and rubber from the other side back in so the squeegee is completely put back together.

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