How to Clean Exterior Windows With a Sponge and Squeegee

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You know when you are stuck at a traffic light and one of those people with a squeegee come to clean your window? Ever wondered how they get the windows so dry and clean so quickly? Well read on!

If you are using a squeegee, make sure the window completely wet before you begin (using soapy water and a sponge). If you attempt to clean a slightly dry window, you will make streaky marks on the window. If you are using soap on a dry window, then you really do not want it to dry as its going to make a really bad mess. So when using a squeegee, just make sure the window is really, really wet before you begin.

Now you have your squeegee in hand, start in the top edge of your window. If you run your squeegee past the top edge of the window and its not completely dry, then go back and make sure you get it all dry before you move further down. Once you have got your first dry section, then you need to wipe your squeegee down using a dry cloth. So now you have a dry section at the very top of your window, if you are really good with a squeegee, you can now attempt to dry the whole window in one motion (depending on the size of your window).

Using both hands if you like, hold the squeegee flush against the top section of the window and then in one long slow motion, bring the squeegee down the entire length of the window. If you have followed these instructions, you should have a very clean and dry window.

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