Glass Cover lens enim pectore alimentorum fibra Board


The screen printing of the cover lens is very demanding, he needs to ensure that the printing edge is not jagged and the ink thickness is uniform. SPS-FGB fiberglass scraping has the following advantages over traditional scraping: 1, quick installation, no grinding after installation, can be used with self-balancing fixture 2, imported from Japan, polyurethane raw materials, high printing times 3, knife edge smooth, excellent printing effect, improve product competitiveness 4, long-term pr...

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Screen imprimendas lens est operimentum posceret non indiget ut ora lupatis et atramentum printing crassitudine uniformis.




Fiberglass has FGB ipsam rasuram complicabis SPS-traditional ipsam rasuram complicabis in sequentibus commoda:

I, velox installation nec molere post institutionem, adhiberi potest, in comparatione sui ipsius, magnique

II, invecta a Iaponia, polyurethane et rudis materiae, princeps temporum printing

III, lenis in ore gladii ferro, printing optimum effectus, amplio productum atque aemulatione

IV, diu terminus-printing, firmum printing pressura et providere angle, et minuere defectum rate

V, esse secundarium molentis, reducere sumptibus

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