स्क्रीन प्रिंटिंग रबरी पट्टीच्या साधनाने पाणी पुसून काढणे, रबरी पट्टीच्या साधनाने पाणी पुसून काढणे असलेल्या पीव्ही, रबरी पट्टीच्या साधनाने पाणी पुसून काढणे सौर - Plet मुद्रण
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आमच्या techlogies

Plet company is located in Changzhou, China, which is very close to Shanghai. We once sold screen printing inks and served in many electronic industries. He has extensive screen printing experience and realized the importance of squeegee in the screen printing process. In 2013, Plet began to engage in the research and production of support plate squeegee, and established the SPS brand squeegee, which provides stable printing angle and printing pressure for many precision screen printing customers in China.


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आमची उत्पादने किंवा pricelist चौकशी साठी, आम्हाला आपल्या ई-मेल द्या आणि आम्ही 24 तासांमध्ये संपर्कात असेल.


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