Screen чоп хиёбони Squeegee

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Screen чоп хиёбони Squeegee

СФС-ML-SL аст, ки барои чопи катонро хамираи алюминий дар судї бозгашт аз ҳуҷайра фотоэлектрикӣ, ки ба замони чопи тобовар, мушкил ба deform ва кам дар нархи аст, ки истифода бурда мешавад. Сахттар аз тарафи рангҳои гуногун фарқ

Ҳамчунин муносиб барои чопи экран microelectronic

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Ширкати Plet аст, ки дар Чанчжоу, Чин, аст, ки хеле наздик ба Шанхай ҷойгир шудааст. Ӯ бори дигар inks чопи экран фурӯхта ва дар бисёр саноати электронӣ хизмат мекард. Ў дорои собиқаи васеъ чопи экран ва аҳамияти squeegee дар раванди чопи экран амалӣ мешавад. Дар соли 2013, Plet оғоз ба машғул шудан ба таҳқиқот ва истеҳсоли squeegee дастгирии судї ва СФС squeegee бренд, таъмин менамояд, ки кунҷи чопи устувор ва фишори чопи барои бисёре аз муштариёни чопи экран дақиқ дар Чин муқаррар карда мешавад.


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A. Photovoltaic Company Production Manager India:We are a company that prints battery sheet, SPS-AS carbon fiber squeegee printing Battery sheet grid is relatively small, printing life is long, each average reaches 50,000 times.

B. PCB circuit board company Technical staff China: Before we cooperate with SPS Squeegee, when we do the through hole printing process, the silver paste is not easy to penetrate the hole, and the scrap rate is very high. After talking with SPS technology, they recommended the new squeegee, which helped us solve the problem of low yield rate of through-hole printing. Thank you very much.

C. Membrane switch company quality management personnel Vietnam: SPS recommended R angle scraper printing transparent color effect is excellent, no squeegee marks, the surface looks very smooth, we will also apply R angle squeegee  to the window printing liquid printing process, hope to reduce the rate of defective rate.

 D. Technical Director of Chip Manufacturing Company Taiwan: We print insulating ink on special film, and 160 products are printed on A4 size film. This has high consistency on film thickness. The film thickness made by traditional squeegee,the film thickness in the middle and the film thickness of the edge product differ by 3 microns, and the carbon fiber squeegee using SPS solves this problem, and the film thickness of the entire printing surface is controlled by 13±1 μm.

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