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1.Bando S squeegee

Bando S-type squeegee is distinguished from ordinary urethane squeegee, which is processed with special rubber and has a special "odor". It has good corrosion resistance to some special inks.


Special rubber


Standard size:9*50*750

S-type squeegee: length and knife shape can be customized according to customer drawings.



Two hardness:70S  80S


5.Solvent resistant



6.1 packaging

10Pcs/Carton Box


6.2 storage

Store indoors at 40or lower, do not store in high temperature and high humidity, direct sunlight and ultraviolet radiation. (Recommended storage conditions: 23℃±2, humidity 60% or lower)

Do not store near heat-generating equipment or dusty places.

It is forbidden to bend and press, stack it straight, stack no more than 20PCS.

The scraping rubber is stored at a low temperature for a long time, and can not be used immediately after being moved to the workshop. It should be placed at 25for more than 3 hours before use. 


6.3 Grinding

Welcome to use the SPS-SG squeegee grinder for better grinding results

After using the squeegee, please clean the surface ink and rest on the SPS-DR squeegee rack for 12 hours, waiting for the solvent to be released.

M type traditional squeegee needs to be grinding in the squeegee holder; FGB/AS with support plate squeegee can be removed for grinding.

Manual grinding machine for grinding

250 mesh grinding wheel: single grinding   coarse grinding 0.5mm / fine grinding 0.2mm

400 mesh grinding wheel: single grinding   coarse grinding 0.2mm / fine grinding 0.1mm

The squeegee can be polished with the SPS-Sander  to smooth the edge of the knife edge.


SPS squeegee can be grinded many times, the grinding does not melt, the grinding surface is fine, and the edge is smooth

SPS-SG squeegee grinders are available in a variety of custom-made grinding wheels: U-shaped C-angle R-angle (K1-K5)

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