It has served in the high-end electronics industry (photovoltaic cell, mobile phone touch screen, microelectronics, etc.


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Plet company is located in Changzhou, China, which is very close to Shanghai. We once sold screen printing inks and served in many electronic industries. He has extensive screen printing experience and realized the importance of squeegee in the screen printing process. In 2013, Plet began to engage in the research and production of support plate squeegee, and established the SPS brand squeegee, which provides stable printing angle and printing pressure for many precision screen printing customers in China.

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How to control ink misting in screen printing

How to control ink misting in screen prin...

As the temperature drops and the air gets drier, the problem of printing static electricity has always been bugging you. You must know that ink misting during the printing results from a larg...

The Amount of Ink Can Be Increased Using SPS Custom Squeegee

The Amount of Ink Can Be Increased Using ...

Previously we learned about the flat SPS custom squeegee, the most widely used squeegee knife bevel in screen printing. Do you know which type of squeegee knife bevel should be used so as to ...


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