How to improve screen printing machine production efficiency and printing quality

For customers who purchase screen printers, what they are most concerned about is whether the purchased machines can be profitable. Compared to traditional manual operations, semi-automatic or fully-automatic screen printers have the following advantages: 1. First, reduce labor costs. Secondly, speed up production and increase production efficiency. 3, finally: reduce scrap rate, improve the quality of printed products. To achieve the above three points, the most critical thing is to ensure the quality and service of screen printers. First, the quality of the screen printing machine: a three-day problem with two machines, is no way to bring high production efficiency. On the contrary, it will delay the production of customers because no company can guarantee on-call services. Second, there is a fast and timely after-sales service guarantee: after-sales service is another concern for the enterprise; timely and rapid after-sales service can minimize the loss of the enterprise. Third, more humane screen printing machine manufacturers: humanized operation of the screen printing machine, can make a technical staff easier to use, so that in the shortest possible time to operate mature, a good screen printing machine, in the first edition of an ordinary screen printing A technician at the machine station may take up to 30 minutes, but with a user-friendly and flexible machine, a technician may be able to tune into the production stage in 10 minutes.

Post time: Mar-23-2018