SPS-FGB Fiber Glass Board Squeegee

Although the overall economic downturn in 2015, but the screen printing industry still achieved good results, in this year, most screen printing companies also through product optimization, resource integration and other transformation, hoping to quickly seize the industry’s commanding heights, which also promote The development of the screen printing industry. At present, screen printing has been further improved and improved both in automation technology, quality assurance technology, and in the level of equipment and materials manufacturing.


In the development of the screen printing industry, inks, screen printing screens, and printing machines are often of concern. However, few people are interested in screen printing and squeegee. However, the squeegee plays a key role in the fineness and stability of printing. The role. Changzhou Preet Printing Technology Co., Ltd. (abbreviated as “Platt”) is a professional supplier of screen printing consumables. Under its tireless research and hard work, SPS Precision Screen Printing and Squeegee has gradually won the recognition of the market and industry. Quite famous. In 2016, Pratt’s main products are SPS-FGB fiberglass scraping and SPS-FGB-AS carbon fiber antistatic scraping.


The advantage of SPS-FGB fiberglass scraping is that the glass fiber board supports the scraping glue. Even if the scraping glue is soaked in the ink for a long time, the printing is not easily deformed. Therefore, the SPS-FGB glass fiber board scraping glue can provide a stable printing pressure. , Consistent printing angle, high abrasion resistance and solvent resistance, suitable for precision screen printing industry such as fine lines, dot printing, and film thickness control, such as: touch screen black and white cover screen printing, touch screen TP silver film thickness control (saving 8 % Silver Paste), Home Appliance Decoration Industry Transparent Color & Dot Printing, Home Appliance Decoration Industry Pearl Powder Printing (Screen Printing Easy To Ink), Automobile Dashboard Industry Scrub Inks And Transparent Color Printing, Light Guide Plate Industry Dot Printing, RF Label Superfine Silver Line printing, photovoltaic grid line printing and so on.

SPS-FGB-AS carbon fiber anti-static squeegee not only has the full performance of FGB fiberglass squeegee, it can also release static electricity generated during the printing process. Because the SPS-FGB-AS anti-static carbon fiber scraping glue is made of conductive carbon fiber board and anti-static AS scraping glue, AS scraping rubber can successfully reduce the scraping resistance value to 10 MΩ, which can be released during the printing process. The static electricity, to avoid electrostatic accumulation in the screen printing process and the phenomenon of drawing and flying ink, which also greatly enhance the quality of the product.


Quality gives the product warmth, reflects the company’s character, and is also an advantage for the development of the company. For product quality, Prete strictly controls raw materials, adopts scientific production processes, and executes rigorous testing procedures. From the perspective of market share, Pret’s strategy has achieved very good results. But Pret’s heavy weaponry is not limited to this. In the era of service-oriented experience, Pretto puts the service first in the development of the enterprise, and has a complete marketing network and pre-sales and after-sales service system. Online pre-sales technical consultation can be conducted from both online and offline channels, and rationalization plans and after-sales standardization services can be obtained during sale, so as to satisfy customer requirements to the maximum extent possible. Pratt’s mission: the introduction of silk screen printing new products, new processes, and promote the development of silk screen industry.


Post time: Mar-23-2018