Photovoltaic industry squeegee

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  • Fiber Glass Board Squeegee For Solar

    Fiber Glass Board Squeegee For Solar

    Plet Company started to manufacture and sell SPS brand photovoltaic fiberglass board squeegee from 2011. Along with the development of photovoltaic industry, the grid of photovoltaic silver paste is getting smaller and thinner, FGB scraping glue has been reformed and upgraded several times , To meet the current requirements of most PV printing. 1.Fiber Glass Board Squeegee For Solar The traditional squeegee is all urethane rubber, which is printed for a long time,After the squeegee abso...
  • Carbon Squeegee For Solar

    Carbon Squeegee For Solar

    Development of photovoltaic squeegee:Just ten years, the gate line requirements more and more fine, has been from the initial 60um into the current 18um; followed by the squeegee replacement (as shown below), now SPS-AS-SL is more and more popular!   1.SPS-AS-SL’s core strengths are: 1.1 Electrostatic Dissipation Benefits During the printing process, squeegee, screen, ink,silicon wafer friction static electricity is easily generated and static electricity accumulates to a certain voltag...
  • Screen Printing Square Squeegee

    Screen Printing Square Squeegee

    Screen Printing Square Squeegee SPS-ML-SL is used for the conductive aluminum paste printing on the back plate of photovoltaic cell, which is resistant to printing times, difficult to deform and low in price. Hardness is distinguished by different colors Also suitable for microelectronic screen printing