Traditional screen printing squeegee

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  • SPS-FGB Fiber Glass Board Squeegee

    SPS-FGB Fiber Glass Board Squeegee

    1、SPS-FGB Fiber Glass Board Squeegee instructions The traditional squeegee is all urethane rubber, which is printed for a long time,After the squeegee absorbs the solvent in the ink, the hardness is reduced, the expansion deformation, the printing angle α is unstable, and it is not suitable for precision screen printing. The Fiber Glass Board Squeegee is combined with the glass fiber board and the scraping glue, which has the elasticity of the scraping rubber and the support line of the gla...
  • SPS-Squeegee Type M screen printing squeegee

    SPS-Squeegee Type M screen printing squeegee

    1、SPS-M Squeegee With the development of the electronics industry, the precision screen printing industry has developed rapidly, and higher requirements have been placed on screen printing squeegee. Plet  company introduces SPS-M screen printing squeegee from Japan, which inherits the excellent quality of Japanese squeegee, excellent solvent resistance and wear resistance, stable screen printing quality and high printing life, suitable for electronic screen printing. 2.Size and hardness 2.1...
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    Japanese latest polyurethane raw material, excellent wear and solvent resistance, is very suitable for solvent-based cover lens ink, high printing times, not easily deformed, can provide a variety of specifications, can also be customized according to customer requirements